Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Student work 2012

Brett Newton
Emily Cairns
Karena Selig
Sarah Sheppard
Jade Barnes
Mariana Marx

Mariana Marx

Mariana Marx

Naomi Turvey

Naomi Turvey

Daniel Marsden
Zoe Duncan
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Monday, 7 May 2012


Hi all

I hope you will use this site to communicate your thoughts suggestions and feedback on any of your classes with me. It would be great to have feed back here as well as in class.

Remember I am here to help and support you to get the best out of your studies.
Your contribution could take the form of
The type of projects you would like to see.
Time lines are they too short or long?
Your satisfaction of the projects given?
The relevance of what you are doing in computers with  relationship to your other illustration subjects?
How you can integrate computer techniques in your in your illustration subjects in consultation with other teachers and how I can assist?
Also if you would like to learn other programs such as InDesign for desk top publishing.
Also let me know if I can assist with printing of other illustration projects.

If you have found any great Illustration sites let me know so I can create a link so it can be shared by all.
I will also like to publish your work so I will ask before hand

Any way I hope you will find this page useful and take advantage of being able to have positive input into your course